This is NOT just for new users! This is a regular gift card code that can be used by ANY Uber rider, whether it's your first ride or your 1,000th!

Want to save some money on Uber? I have $20 codes for sale for less than face value! It's super simple to purchase and redeem:
  1. Use Buy-It-Now to make your purchase and check out
  2. You'll get an eBay message with the image of the gift card code (I'll also type it out for you)
  3. Open the Uber app, go to your Payment settings, and select "Add Promo/Gift Code"
  4. Enter your unique code, and you're done!
Your $20 credit will now show up under "credits" in your payment profile. You can choose to use it right away or save it for your next ride!

*Code delivery will be delayed by several hours (up to one day) for fraud prevention purposes*