$25 AMC Theaters Paper Gift Card:
This is a $25 AMC Theaters Paper Gift Card. This paper gift card is ONLY redeemable in AMC Theaters, NOT online. Upon purchasing, I will ship out / mail you the physical printed gift card to your mailing address on file. All balances have been checked and verified. You can confirm them yourself by simply calling the AMC Theaters phone number. You can use this paper gift card immediately after purchase by printing out the gift card on your own or by using the app Pocketzee. This gift card is on hard stock paper, not plastic and may not be suitable as a gift.

About Our Products:
Some gift cards expire years after purchase, as a result, all the gift cards we sell are older ones that are being sold at a deep discount. We buy all old physical gift cards in bulk that are getting close to expiration and convert them to paper gift cards which are just like plastic gift cards. All the older gift cards we sell do not have a pin because they don't have pins. Since they are old, the company will NOT accept these cards online. We will warranty these for 65 days after purchase (Around 60 days after you receive them in the mail) If they expire in that time frame we will refund you or replace the card at your choosing.  But please only purchase if you are going to use them in the near future. These *SHOULD* last longer than 65 days but we will NOT warranty them after that. These are being sold at a deep discount because of the limitations of the card as they are (paper gift cards / not on plastic, almost expired / older, NOT online because they do not come with a pin as they are older Gift Cards.)

If there are any questions please let us know,  if you do make a purchase and one expires within the warranty time frame please reach out to us, we will take care of it immediately by refunding and or replacing the Gift Card. Customer satisfaction is everything to us. By purchasing you agree to the terms above.

This is a great way to get a discount when going out to eat!

Feel free to email with questions. Thanks for looking have a wonderful day!