Please do not pay until we both agree via ebay messages to the transaction. Buyer should have WELL ESTABLISHED ebay account.  I expect buyer to 'make offer' (not low-ball) and will cancel anyone purchasing at full price.

This is a beautiful marquise diamond solitaire ring. 

Carat: 1.00 ct Marquise Cut

Cut: There is no grading for cut on the diamond inspection report, but the diamond has lots of fire. Zales does not sell poor cut stones, so it's likely at least a good cut. There is little to no bow-tie effect (which can be common in marquise cuts). This is a well-cut diamond.

Clarity: Zales graded this an I1 clarity. I believe the diamond is slightly better than Zales states. Myself and two others could not find any visible inclusions. To the naked eye there were no black carbon spots, no cracks, no white clouds visible. Under a 10x loupe I could see some white and grey clouding towards the top. The stone is very clean in the center even with a 10X loupe. (see photos for yourself and you'll likely agree the diamond is eye-clean). I have some 10-20X magnification photos to help you decide. Having said this, according to the Zales paperwork it is an I1 and is priced and sold as such. It is my belief that you'll be pleasantly surprised compared to most I1's. I can guarantee there are no visible, bothersome, black spots. Many I1 diamonds have these, this one does not.

Color: Zales graded this a K color, which looks about right, it leans towards a warmer tone. This looks beautiful in a yellow gold setting (I would avoid white gold or platinum for this color grade).

Band: The setting is 14K yellow gold. The ring was worn for many years and the band has some scratches as well as thinning on the bottom. I would recommend anyone who bids on this auction replace the band and set the stone in a new setting.

Treatment: None. This is a 100% natural diamond.

Size: 7

Original purchase price in 1988 was $3,000. Today Zales sells this for close to $4,500. No low-ball offers please. I will include the Zales diamond inspection certificate and original receipt if you would like it.

I will cancel orders if there is anything fishy about your ebay account (short account history, computer generated username (ie.. KVTR-7tt-6rr), low feedback score, no purchases for 2 years then many expensive purchases recently, shipping address is PO box or proxy to foreign country, no feedback left for sellers, etc.) I have had 100% positive feedback for 20 years. I prefer buyers have at least 100 feedback for this high-value auction. Item will ship fully insured with "restricted delivery" (you will have to show your ID to sign for it). Thank you for understanding my strict requirements! I appreciate it and believe you'll be very happy with this ring.

Buyer must be both Continental US (no international) and must have good feedback history (no new accounts). All jewelry auctions will be insured and will require a signature. I've sold over 1,000 items on Ebay since 1999 with only positive feedback history. These items are from my personal family's estate and are guaranteed to be genuine. 

If you have any questions please contact me.