• USE THE WHOLE FRUIT Coconut opener eliminates waste by letting you use both the Coconut water and meat
  • COMPLETE COCONUT TOOL KIT This kit gives you all the essentials needed to open and juice a Coconut
  • SIP RIGHT FROM THE FRUIT Use the Coconut drill to create a hole and drink Coconut water with a straw
  • GET EVERY MORSEL OF MEAT Coconut opener doubles as an easy-to-use Coconut knife for scraping
  • FREE GIFT Get 5 delicious Coconut recipes when you purchase the CocoGapor

Scientists have uncovered a multitude of health benefits residing inside of the hard shell of the Coconut. Rich in antioxidants, B-complex vitamins and essential minerals, Coconut has been proven to be a true super food to promote well-being. Still, there is one big mystery that science has been unable to resolve so far--how to open a Coconut without hassles, messes and waste!

Ever since people began enjoying the refreshing water and the flavorful meat of the Coconut, they have wondered how to open a Coconut easily. Now, we finally have the answer. The CocoGapor Coconut Opener Set will have you opening Coconuts like a pro and wasting less of the delicious food within that stubborn shell.

The CocoGapor is the only complete Coconut solution of its kind on the market today and is the absolute best way to open a Coconut ever to be discovered. CocoGapor includes The Coconut Tool that also makes an excellent scraper, so you can remove all of the flesh.

Unlike other Coconut opener designs, the CocoGapor isn't just for getting at the Coconut meat. Our Coconut drill also makes it possible for you to save and enjoy the Coconut water inside. Just use the Coconut drill to reach the interior and then drain or drink the Coconut water right from a straw. The drill was designed to work with ANY Coconut kind or size, even the very small Coconuts!

The CocoGapor was created to help people of all ages get the health benefits of Coconut and Coconut water and to make it easier to enjoy its remarkable flavor. That's why we're offering 5 free recipes with every purchase of our CocoGapor drill and knife set. The amazing Coconut recipes that will have you looking at and tasting Coconut in a whole new way.

Get the CocoGapor Coconut Opener Tool Set and discover how to open a Coconut the simple way! Order CocoGapor today!