Springfield Research Service (SRS) Serial Numbers of US Martial Arms 1-4 on Disk

Springfield Research Service (SRS) Serial Numbers of US Martial Arms 1-4 on Disk

End Date: Thursday Mar-1-2018 14:04:44 PST
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All 4 books PLUS all other publications on one disk very handy and easy to use and you can print it all out if you wish
over 100,000 serial numbers. Springfield rifles 1894 to WW2, Civil War,1911Auto Allen Burnside ColtDA38 ColtDA45 ColtM ColtPerc ColtSAA French FWesson Gallaghe H&R Hotchk HS Joslyn Krag LeFauch Luger M1Carbine M1Garand M1903 M1917RIF M1922 Martini Merril Ortgies REMAUTO REMGP REMLEE REMPERC REMSG S&WSA S&W1917 S&WDA38 SAVAUTO SHARPS SMITH SPENCER STARRCARBINE STARREV1 STARREV2 TRAPDOOR UNIOUN WHITNEY WIN70 WINLA WINLEE WINSG  PLUS additional serial numbers that went unpublished!! USS California guns NOW ADDED   M1903 rifles 1911's  added 8 /28 /17   from WW2

Oct 26 2017 just added 20 more National Match M1903 that were found in the national archives!! always adding new numbers....

if you see I added guns and you already have purchased a disk I will send you an update if you ask

New Trapdoor numbers added 10/10/2017   Why buy my old disk from the copy cats get the original up to date here!

  • The other disk on ebay is a copy of mine BUT I add numbers all the time as research finds them!!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT a scan of the books  This is the original database used for all publications plus updated serial numbers

I don't offer returns but I do replace damaged or defective disks or lost by Post Office

This is in Microsoft Word format any text program can be used IF YOU PURCHASED ALL 4 BOOKS IT WOULD COST OVER 1000$ and the disk has all that info plus more!!!

Data looks like this: ( it will sometimes have model number,manufacturer or other info as well) these are in the 1911AUTO folder so they are all 1911 pistols-there are of course many many more numbers this is an actual sample

HAS ALL the info that the books had in an easy to search and take with you format I included a picture of what the books look like , an open page , its the same data

Serial        Date      Issue

1070412     10 18 48 FBI (RECOVERED)
1071916     04 05 44 USN - SAN DIEGO
1072278     04 29 44 USN - SAN DIEGO
1072278     05 30 44 USS HOGGATT BAY (CVE)
1072442     04 29 44 USN - SAN DIEGO

I know of a man using this database at a gun show found a pistol that was issued to the USS Arizona a month before she was sunk at Pearl Harbor he subsequently sold that gun for 9000$ he paid 800$ at the gun show

I found a rifle that was issued to the  5th Ammunition Train  This is great history!!!!

YOU WILL ALSO GET FREE ******!!!!!!!************** ****The Springfield M1 Garand excel program you just pop in your serial number and it will tell you when your rifle was built and also the correct part number for every part on that gun!!!!

You will also get free the following 25 books/manuals in easy to read and search PDF Format that any computer can open.


1. 1903 Score

2. Advanced-Tactica-Handgun-Instructor-Manual

3. Australian Military Forces Identification List [S.M.L.E. Rifles, No.s 1,3,4 - diagrams, parts] (1945)

4. Basic Rifle Marksmanship

5. British Enfield Rifles Vol 2 No 4 and No 5 Rifles - CR Stratton 2004

6. Death From Above The German FG42 Paratroop Rifle

7. German Automatic Rifles 1941-45 (WPN 24)

8. Mauser Rifle

9. OW6_Sniper_Rifles

10. Swords for Officers of the Staff and Staff Corps-v1i6

11. TC 9-56. SKS Rifle. Simonov type 56 (1969)

12. The .50-Caliber Rifle Construction Manual - Bill Holmes (Paladin Press)

13. The Black Rifle M16 Retrospective

14. The Complete Handgun 1300 to the Present - Ivan V Hogg - 1979

15. The Fighting Garand Owners Manual - Nolan Wilson - 1984

16. The Handgun - G Boothroyd - 1970

17. The M1 Carbine - Leroy Thompson - 2011

18. The M1 Garand - Leroy Thompson - 2012

19. The M1 Rifle - NRA - 2005

20. U. S. Rifle M1903 - Technical Manual TM 9-1270 - 1944

21. United States Rifle Model Of 1917

22. US Army - Combat Training with Pistols, M9 and M11 (with 2008 changes) FM 3-.35

23. US Army - Rifle Marksmanship M16 and M4 Series Weapons (2008) FM 3-22.9

24. US Cal 30 Carbine - NRA - 2004

25. WPN_008_-_The_AK-47