4 Performance Diesel Fuel Power Additive RBP HP Plus +5% Increase Cetane Boost e

4 Performance Diesel Fuel Power Additive RBP HP Plus +5% Increase Cetane Boost e

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4 Performance Diesel Fuel Power Additive RBP HP Plus +5% Increase Cetane Boost e

RBP Diesel Power High Performance Diesel Additive w/ 5% Cetane Boost




RBP’s High Performance Diesel Fuel Additive Enhancer

  • RBP’s High Performance Additive is a total fuel system cleaner and lubricity enhancer with an added 5% cetane increase for all types of diesel engines.
  • One 16oz bottle treats 500 gallons. Ultra concentrated formula, 1 oz treats 32 gallons of fuel. One bottle lasts an average of 16 fill ups. Leading competitors average 1 oz. of additive per five gallons of fuel.
  • Improves the performance, fuel efficiency and longevity of diesel engines while reducing deposits, black smoke and emissions.
  • Improves fuel economy by cleaning dirty injectors and allowing proper fuel atomization, keeping the injectors lubricated so they last longer and operate more efficiently.
  • Compensates for the variances in quality of different fuels (including biodiesel) and the deficiencies of today’s Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel (ULSD) for better engine operation.
  • Increases mileage by approximately 10%.
  • Restores horsepower by cleaning and improving the efficiency of injectors. Designed for use in heavy-duty diesel engines.
  • EPA Approved.

Why do I need RBP's Additive?

  • Lubricates Fuel Injectors and Pumps - The EPA has mandated the oil companies / refineries to remove the sulfur content from all diesel fuel. Standard low sulfur diesel fuel contains 500 sulfur parts per million (ppm). Ultra low sulfur diesel fuel reduces sulfur content to 15 ppm. Because of this sulfur reduction, ultra low sulfur diesel fuel has significantly reduced lubricity, a critical property in controlling wear in fuel pumps and injectors. RBP’s Diesel Fuel Additive adds back all the lubricity properties needed and more, without adding sulfur. Fuel pump and injector service life is extended, saving time and money on maintenance costs.
  • What is Cetane? - RBP's High Performance blend gives you a 5% Cetane Gain (Cetane is like an octane booster for diesel fuel), Increases Horse Power, cleans diesel fuel build-up off your injectors and lubricates them. This will also increase your fuel mileage. If your fuel mileage is low; It is most likely due to your injectors. Generally, diesel engines run well with a Cetane Number (CN) from 40 to 55. Fuels with a higher cetane number which have shorter ignition delays provide more time for the fuel combustion process to be completed. Hence, higher speed diesels operate more effectively with higher cetane number fuels. The national CN average is 45.

  • Disperses Water - Water is not welcome in diesel fuel. Water in diesel fuel damages fuel injectors,  corrodes tanks and fosters the growth of bacteria. When outside weather changes dramatically from hot to cold, diesel fuel tanks sweat, creating condensation inside your tank. This even happens at the fueling station as well, many times when you fill up, there is already water in the fuel right from the source. RPB's highly concentrated HP Diesel Power Additive helps remove unwanted water to protect your engine and keep it running smooth.
  • Fuel Stabilizer - RBP’s Diesel Fuel Additive significantly improves the oxidation and thermal stability of diesel fuel and over compensates for ultra low sulfur diesel fuel’s potential stability loss caused by extra processing and sulfur removal. Diesel fuel treated with RBP’s Diesel Fuel Additive easily meets the requirements of the National Council of Weights and Measures (NCWM) Premium Diesel Fuel Specification for resisting diesel fuel degradation.
  • Improved Fuel Economy - As diesel engines are used, they become less efficient over time. Fuel injector deposits interrupt spray patterns, causing poor fuel atomization, incomplete combustion, excessive emissions and smoke. Tests prove that RBP’s Diesel Fuel Additive cleans dirty injectors, disperses water, lubricates injectors and improves fuel economy by up to ten percent, restoring horsepower and performance.
  • Improved Mileage and Longevity - RBP’s fuel additive is the most concentrated product on the market today and can pay for itself in two ways: mileage and longevity. If mileage is increased by 5%, RBP’s additive pays for itself. In diesel motors with electronic injectors, mileage is increased by approximately 10%. Mechanical injectors may experience an approximate 5% mileage increase. Results vary depending on road and weather conditions
  • BioDiesel - Biodiesel properties increase the likeliness of moisture accumulating in the fuel tank, creating rust and other deposits. When outside weather changes dramatically from hot to cold, diesel fuel tanks sweat, creating condensation. Water damages both injectors and the enterer fuel injection system. RBP’s regular additive is recommended when using Biodiesel to reduce risks of rust and metal contamination.
  • Waxing and Gelling - Fuel degradation causes waxing and gelling, which in turn increases deposits and the chance of filter plugging. RBP’s diesel fuel additive contains an anti-gelling detergent combined with our water dispersing formula which controls walling and gelling.
    • Controls waxing and gelling
    • Inhibits wax crystal growth
    • Reduces pour point
    • Reduces Cold Filter Plug Point
    • Keeps fuel filters free of wax
  • Minimized Soot Loading - RBP’s Diesel Fuel Additive is a powerful cleaner that cleans fuel injectors and piston rings for improved combustion and better sealing. It minimizes soot generated from incomplete combustion and helps keep soot out of the crankcase. Reduced soot loading controls soot related wear and increases engine oil viscosity.
  • Recommendations - RBP’S diesel additive can be used in all diesel engines including Ford, Chevy, Dodge, VW, Mercedes, Cat Motors, Big Rigs, Heavy Equipment, Marine Engines, On and Off Road Vehicle Engines, RV's Big Rigs and Trains.
  • Recommended mix ratio - 1 oz. of additive per 32 gallons of fuel. - Use with every new tank of fuel for the best performance and protection against fuel pump wear, injector wear, injector deposits, and water or moister damage. Add Diesel Additive to fuel before storage.
  • Compatible - with all types of exhaust emission systems, such as diesel particulate filters (DPFs). New engine technology, tighter tolerances and emission regulations require high-quality diesel fuel for long-term engine operability. This diesel fuel additive complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements for use in diesel motor vehicles and non-road engines. Stores easy in drivers door panel.

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