PET PEEVE Flea & Tick Repellent 16 ounces REFILL - An All Natural Alternative!

 PET PEEVE Flea & Tick Repellent 16 ounces REFILL - An All Natural Alternative!

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Pet Peeve The Natural Alternative

Aromatherapy For Your Pet and You


 Flea & Tick Bites Can Make You & Your Pet Sick

   Flea infestation is one of the most common health problems affecting your pets.  Ticks carry a variety of life threateninig diseases and a bite can be downright fatal to you and your pet.  Lyme Disease is only one of the many dieseases ticks can transmit.


   Water based formula with pure essential oils of: Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, Neem, Lavender, Lemongrass, Lemon Tea Tree, Tea Tree,Tagets, Perfumers Blend Alcohol really helps to keep your pet pest free.

  All the essential oils listed above are insect repellents but the added benefit of using pure essential oils is that they extend far beyond their intended purpose to benefit your pets health in many other ways.  For example:  Pet Peeve is also good for hot spots, pet dermatitis, skin allergies,and skin fungal infection and inflammation and is very soothing to itchy skin. Using several drops on a cotton ball to clean your pets ears several time a month could avoid ear mites and fungal infections.

  If your pet was bitten before using Pet Peeve the antiseptic properties of Pet Peeve helps to soothe inflammation after flea, tick or mosquito bites, thus reducing your pets discomfort. 

Directions:  Hold container 6-8 inches away from pet and spray pets back, legs, underbelly and between toes, then lightly brush coat. (avoid face and eye contact)   Instead  spray some Pet Peeve onto a clean cloth or paper towel and wipe pets chest, head, inside ears, and neck area.   Don't forget to spray your pets bed.   For pets with heavy coats, part fur and mist.  During flea and tick season use Pet Peeve 3-4 times weekly.

Pet Peeve is a natural, plant derived product making it good for humans too. So when you or your children are outside having a family picnic or in the woods, spray some Pet Peeve on arms, legs, clothing and especially socks and pants.

Pet Peeve is not only an insect repellent it's first aid for your pet.  Pet Peeve is a wonderful product and can help your pet in many ways, but Pet Peeve is not a replacement for sound medical advice!


About  Pet Peeve

Pet Peeve is a water based formula with nine essential oils which are the active ingredients.  The wonderful thing about using essential oils is that they work far beyond their intended purpose.  The oils listed below are all insect repellents, but their therapeutic values extends to benefit the pet in other ways.

CEDARWOOD OIL:  Insect repellent, healing, strengthens, all purpose rejuvenating properties.

EUCALYPTUS OIL:  Insect repellent, cooling, germicidal properties, respiratory support, fever reducing.

LAVENDER OIL:  Insect repellent calming, anti-stress, nerve tonic, balancing, soothing, pain relieving, wound healing, burn therapy, ear infections.

LEMON OIL:  Insect repellent, natures blood builder, immune stimulant, antiseptic, disinfectant, eliminates odors.

LEMON TEA TREE:  Insect repellent, mosquitoes, horseflies, and fleas, anti-bacterial properties.

LEMONGRASS OIL:  Insect repellent, refreshing, reduces swollen tissue, anti-itch, digestive aid, anti-depressant.

NEEM OIL:  Super instect repellent, anti-inflammatory, pet dermatitis, skin allergies caused by insect bites or stings.

TAGETES OIL:  Insect repellent, excellent anti-fungal properties.

TEA TEA OIL:  Insect repellent, anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal reduce swelling & intching associated with insect bites or poison ivy.

                                                                                       The Ease Of The Peeve

Pet Peeve is very easy to use, allows you and your pet to have some quality time together and allows you to check for any abnormalities.  Simply spray over pet's back, legs, underbelly and between toes, then brush.  Do not spray Pet Peeve around pets face, instead dampen a paper towel or clean cloth with Pet Peeve and wipe over the pets' chest, head and inside ears.  For thicker coated pets, part fur in several areas and spray between parts.  Now don't forget to spray the pets sleeping area.

                                                                                                Helpful Hints

To help keep pets ears healthy and free from mites and fungal ear infections:  Use a little Pet Peeve and water on a clean cotton ball and gently clean inside of their ears.  Remember, do not go too deep.   Dog breeds with skin folds, such as bulldogs, use some Pet Peeve and water on a clean cloth and wipe between folds.  Always leave area dry after using Pet Peeve.  Do not use on raw areas.

Pet Peeve is Safe For:                                                                              Pet Peeve is:

       * Dogs                                                                                                          *non-drying                                                                                     

       *Cats                                                                                                             *non-staining

       *Rabbits                                                                                                       *non-stinging

       *Ferrets                                                                                                         *non-toxic

       *Birds                                                                                                            *environmentally friendly




 Take care of your pets, they depend on you for their comfort and survival.

                                            "Pets complete us"

 for your consideration:


 16 ounce size

refill bottle!


Plastic squeeze bottle with closable valve top for spilless easy refill! 

Bottle shape may vary.



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